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Do you think that you would read or view this article in five years from now? At the moment when online video continues with its rise, it is very interesting food for thought.

Video represents the future of content marketing. Cisco reports that by end-2017 video should account for 69 percent of the overall consumer Internet traffic. Not only can it serve as the main ground for advertising campaigns of your company, but a video, with its emotional combination of sound, movement and image, can also help you create a deeper and stronger link between your own brand and its audience.

Considering potential reach, video is unrivalled. YouTube has more than one billion individual visitors per month – or more than any other channel, with Facebook excluded. Make a person watching it interested and s/he will share the video with others. They will spend more time on your site, and thus more time in interaction with your brand. For any campaign in social media or a SEO exercise, a video is definitely one of the best tools available.


Consumers like video more that text.
Video reduces a bounce rate (number of those leaving the site without browsing through it) by attracting an individual with visual effects.
Video is remembered better than text and makes a stronger impression.

In the era of information oversaturation, it is vital for small enterprises to offer content that is easily ‘’digested”; otherwise, consumers will simply move on. Independent surveys show that seven out of ten people are more positive about a brand after watching its interesting video. Video definitely improves brand visibility – and, essentially, it is a viral marketing tool.


Always take into account the audience you address and make sure than a video is relevant for it.
Do not neglect social media and make sure to advertise your video in several different channels. If you want to maximise the video potential, you need to be sure that users can easily find and share it.
Do not neglect mobile phones, as one-tenth of all video views are done on mobile phones and tablets.

And instead of simply concluding that video is important at this moment, it is also important to conclude that it will change in the future. Which technologies will be available? How will interests of consumers change? And, most importantly, how can we prepare for what’s coming? Be ready for those changes means keeping pace with them, and for us in video production it is more than that – it means estimating trends and needs of new digital generations.

We can almost certainly say that a video will be increasingly short, and what we can assume is that live stream and virtual reality will become one. It would mean that with such a powerful technology, anyone can be “present” at press conferences, meetings or events of any kind. We also know that success of creative ideas will not change. Creativity always wins against production costs. If you do that part of the job properly, not only will video be a future of content marketing, but it will also be a future of your content marketing.

After all, who doesn’t like a video?

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