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Your Website Is Your Personal Media Outlet

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Today, if you are not present on the Internet, it’s like you actually don’t exist. How many of you in search for a piece of information first visit and type in what you’re interested in? Almost everyone! How many of you memorise all those domains of companies and media outlets that you follow? Few. Why? Today, when the flow of information is huge and when we are all online, we don’t have time to investigate and search for a specific site, its real domain, consider whether it, .org, .rs or something else. Instead, we find information via social media and search engines. Having a website, namely your own Internet presentation is something that is a standard today, rather than a need. By placing content and links from your site, you actually place your products or services, your attitudes, missions and visions. If someone wants to know more about you, it is best to check your Internet presentations, which can be reached primarily owing to social media!

Website concept

A website represents you, as individuals or companies, and depending on its concept, visitor of your site will have the same feeling. Remember that your site is your personal media outlet, where you have an opportunity to present all your values you consider relevant. User experience is something that knows how to win a reader, but also to lose him/her. The bottom line of launching one’s own website is not in showing everything you have learnt about website design last year, but in its simplicity, logical division in sections and practical use. The idea that someone has to click five times in order to reach a piece of information of interest will only take a reader away from you. The site concept depends on your area of activity and you should strive to make it innovative, but meaningful and simple. You should also strive to create a responsive design – tailored to all sizes of screens used to access the site.

Blog as tool

As part of a site, blog can be beneficial for companies, since the tone of communication is less formal and gets a product/service closer to an end-user in a more direct manner. Using blog as a form of communication, a company can present its ideas, receive readers’ feedback and present its employees in the best manner, as blogs are mainly written from an employee’s personal experience, within corporate values. By applying the above described approach, blog articles are more popular than standard press releases or news placed at a website, which are mainly boring and monotonous.

Website and marketing

A website primarily enables you to quickly learn about interested individuals visiting your site, their specific interests, how and why they navigate the site, and, finally, whether there is any profit or you from all that. If your website is of sales nature, you have an option to, in addition to initial targeting, retarget individuals who visited your site or its specific pages and thus once again participate in their potential decision to buy your product, by offering different content visible only to them, with a more specific invitation to action. The described method provides great results, as out of a large target group, you have reduced your target audience to a smaller number of potentially interested readers and therefore customers. Without a website, chances to accomplish that are slim.

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