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Agency Represent Communications has expanded its business range and recently launched Represent Club, a new service focused on influencers marketing, devised as a meeting point of the most influential online individuals. Influencers marketing represent an increasingly demanded area of marketing which is very important for brand, product and service promotion. The Club was established in the aim of combining supply and demand for influencers in Serbia and the region, with the main idea of centralization of communication between influencers and brands, constant work on improving various forms of promotion in cooperation with influencers, and better presentation of brands to influencers and vice versa. Represent Club offers an opportunity for engaging influencers from all the Internet niches and professions who are active on their channels. We offer cooperation with those at the beginning of their career and have special talents, micro influencers who are best in their niche of activity, and top influencers who are best known on the Internet scene of Serbia and the region. Topics we cover in cooperation with influencers include: fashion, facial and body care, sports, food, IT, gaming, music, sketches and entertainment, health, photography, etc. Represent Club offers an opportunity to imply engage different influencers and thus precisely target your audience. We can help you in coordinating communication and arrangements between brands and influencers.

Represent Club
Represent Club

Represent Club

1. Connect with influencers

Try out cooperation with Represent Club influencers, who will present your brand in the best possible manner.

Represent Club

2. Promote your ideas

Share your information, products and services with everyone through channels of our influencers from all niches.

Represent Club

3. Follow public opinions

Get high-quality criticism of your ideas and improve your business operations.


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