Engagement Manager


Engagement Managers develop day-to-day client relationships and drive business through innovative digital campaigns, e-commerce and media. They’re the link that connects our Huge to our clients—so facilitating communication between external clients and internal teams is essential. They know how to represent our ideas as strongly as they can represent our clients’ wishes, and at the end of the day, they lead their team to deliver an amazing, ground-breaking product. They build outside relationships, maintain project revenue, help generate profit and deliver excellent digital products. Our Engagement Managers have a comprehensive understanding of the digital arena and how emerging technologies and avenues can add value to client business, and still deliver visually stunning design.

Key duties
  • Design, develop AI prototypes and components for AI enabled software
  • Manage, transform and process training data
  • Validate performance of trained models
  • Deploy AI to production environments
  • Help team members understand capabilities and limitations of AI
  • Read code, documentation, specifications and creatively work with limits as needed
  • 3+ years of development experience
  • Knowledge of Python and data science related libraries such as Scipy, Matplotlib, Numpy
  • Understanding of computer vision and computer graphics
  • Experience with AI backends such as Tensorflow and or Caffe
  • Experience with Git and it’s workflow
  • Understands and demonstratively adheres to good development practices
  • Great communication skills
  • 3+ years of experience with Machine Learning, and or Deep Learning
  • Experience with a number programming languages, expert in a few
  • Comfortable working with Linux
  • Understands how to administrate systems and configure servers
  • Good understanding of linear algebra
  • Willingness and interest to teach and learn
  • Knowledge of basic UX patterns
We offer
  • A chance for personal and professional development in the field of digital marketing
  • An opportunity to work with a passionate, positive and ambitious team in an amazing work environment
  • A team that cherishes togetherness, expertise and achievement
  • A chance to learn more through various internal and external educations
  • Team buildings with a great and playful crew
  • A laptop, an extra monitor and a smartphone
  • Adaptable working hours – you can come to work in the period from 8 to 10 a.m.
  • A fixed salary